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​Arista Software License Framework

Arista licensing for software offerings span across physical devices, virtual software platforms, on-prem and cloud-based management offerings via EOS, CloudEOS, CloudVision, CloudVision WiFi, Converged Cloud Fabric, DANZ Monitoring Fabric and MOS software. The licensing model is designed to provide flexibility and consistency, both in the choice of the appropriate feature functionality and in the software consumption model. Arista software licenses are perpetual, unless a term is mentioned in the SKUs. Perpetual licenses are not transferable among products without written authorization from Arista.

Arista EOS Licensing

EOS license SKUs provide the right to use advanced features on Arista switching and routing platforms and covers a variety of use cases in data center, routing, campus etc. These licenses are perpetual and applied on a per-device basis. Licenses are first divided into fixed and modular platforms categories and then further divided into tiers based on the platform capacity, bandwidth, scalability etc. of the platforms, then finally divided by the feature set included in the license.

Fixed Switching Platforms (FIX-X)

The perpetual license on Arista fixed configuration switches are subdivided into platform classes 1, 2, 3, 4, or MG based on the various attributes such as chip capacity, system features, port speeds, etc.

Modular Switching Platforms (MOD-X)

EOS perpetual licenses for modular switches are based on the total number of line card slots. Each of the licenses are subdivided into the following platform classes:

  • X=1: Modular switches with 4-line card slots

  • X=2: Modular switches with 8-line card slots

  • X=3: Modular switches with 12-line card slots

  • X=4: Modular switches with 16-line card slots

Feature Sets (-Y)


Arista EOS offers a broad range of advanced features as mapped to the feature sets in the table below.

Arista CloudVision

CloudVision Licenses are subscriptions that include software and support for managing a particular device or instance over a given term. CloudVision provides the premier feature set, including full analytics, telemetry, provisioning, and the Z and V2 features otherwise licensed with EOS as above. CloudVision Lite is a subset of the premier capabilities, providing a functional graphical user interface (GUI) for base visibility and network management. The feature sets for these licenses are defined below.

Arista CloudVision WiFi

Arista CloudVision WiFi License is a software subscription that includes the software and support for managing a particular access point for a given term. The software is available via a cloud service delivery model as well as via an on-premises offering. This license is for the configuration and monitoring for one access point by the associated CloudVision WiFi system for the duration specified. There are currently no tiers or optional features requiring additional licenses.

Arista CloudEOS Router

CloudEOS Router VM/ Container license SKUs provide a bundled software subscription that includes CloudEOS software for VM and Container as well as CloudVision software and support in a term-based SKU.

Arista EOS as a Subscription (EaaS)

To provide flexibility for managing Capex and Opex spend, Arista EOS software is available as a subscription for a limited number of platforms. EOS software is licensed as a monthly subscription, when procured in conjunction with the platform from the select list. EOS subscription software cannot be used to run on any other Arista models, or on platforms procured via third party without Arista consent. EOS subscription software cannot be used to run on platforms procured in the grey market. The following license SKUs are available for EaaS.

  • SS-EOS-Enh-FIX1-1M: EOS Subscription for 1-Month includes EOS E/V/Z/FLX-LITE Licenses and ACare support for 1RU systems

  • SS-EOS-Enh-FIX2-1M: EOS Subscription for 1-Month includes EOS E/V/Z/FLX-LITE Licenses and ACare support for 2RU systems

Arista MOS Software

The Arista 7130 Series products include license to Arista MOS, which provides system monitoring, FPGA image management, and other critical resources to allow developers to concentrate on their core application value. There are no separate SKUs.

Arista Converged Cloud Fabric and DANZ Monitoring Fabric

Arista Converged Cloud Fabric and DANZ Monitoring Fabric offerings are the latest addition to Arista’s software suite. These licenses are available in a perpetual license either included with purchased hardware (DCA SKUs) or as a separate license SKU (LIC) or in a subscription license (SS) format. Perpetual license SKUs require a separate support purchase (A-Care), while subscription software SKUs include support.

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