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Why you should work with the Best IT Software Reseller in Dallas

The current pandemic and the economy has impacted the way business is run all over the world. With most employees working from home, cloud migration companies in USA have seen an uptake in services and customer inquiries as more and more organizations are moving their data online.

Even as the US government introduced a $2 Trillion COVID-19 Stimulus Bill, state and local governments have been looking for the best cloud computing reseller to get their operations up to date in the current environment.

Other than the public sector the private small and medium enterprises (SMEs) industry is looking for the best cloud solutions providers. vCloud Tech has been on the forefront helping customers mitigate risk, backup and secure data, enable remote users and evaluate the right cloud solution provider requirements for migrating applications and data

At vCloud Tech, we focus on different layers of backup, data protection, business continuity, disaster recovery, and availability.

In recent months some of the major challenges our SME customers faced were accessing applications and data remotely from storage that are hosted on-premises using standard barebone hardware.

For similar organizations, this architecture worked with 25% of the resources remote in a typical environment that are usually field services but in the current scenario with COVID-19 where 100% of the employees went remote things got worse.

We also experienced a similar challenge with our retail customers where almost 100% of their sales went on their e-commerce portal and not having a robust storage platform or cloud-based solution caused challenges with missed customers, lost data, and downtime with their e-commerce platform.

Enterprise Cloud Backup Solutions:

vCloud Tech partners with many technology solutions from around the globe where we architect a tailored solution for each customer scenario and focus on the best business outcome. Some of our focused solutions are built on Commvault, AvePoint, Datacore, Tintri, and many similar platforms.

With our consultative approach, we analyze each application, both on-prem and SaaS applications such as Office 365, Sharepoint, Salesforce, Dynamic CRM, network and hardware infrastructure, databases, size of data and plan a phased approach to ensure each application is protected, indexed for easy retrieval and a backup platform on-prem or off-prem or to a cloud provider.

Some Common Platform and Solutions for Backup:

One of the many common challenges we solve for our customers their unpredictable cost from cloud providers on the size of the data. With our global technology partnerships, vCloud provides solutions that are both software and hardware-based. These solutions come with subscription licensing and a perpetual licensing model and it can have a variable price for storage or a fixed tiered pricing structure based on data growth.


Benefits of Cloud Backup

Cloud backup offers organizations plenty of benefits including the ones we mentioned

earlier. Cloud systems increase an organization’s speed and operational agility and enabling remote workers Cloud backup strategy can be designed and customized to your specific needs for better business outcomes.

With a multi-tier cloud backup strategy, organizations can quickly recover from any disaster, reducing energy costs while increasing application and data performance and security.

About vCloud Tech

vClould Tech is an IT Solutions provider with a nationwide footprint in the United States working in many verticals. Our core focus is around business outcomes by enabling enterprise IT for the Next-Gen software-defined computing, cloud solutions, DevOps, IoT, ITSM, cybersecurity, storage, and networks to Small medium commercial enterprise,, State & Local Government, US Federal Government, K-12, Higher Ed, and healthcare organizations. - We believe in a client-first philosophy by ensuring our client's mission objectives are achieved by enabling IT for business outcomes.

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