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​Commvault Licensing

Updated: Jul 17

Commvault offers products and solutions that fall into several different product lines: Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery, Commvault Orchestrate, Commvault HyperScale, and Commvault Activate. Each product line carries with it a specific set of licensing rules and terms, which align it to the functions and customer value it provides.

Commvault Backup & Recovery

The primary product in Commvault’s portfolio is Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery. This product line consists of all the software required to conduct backup and recovery activities, with additional features included for archive, operational reporting, and hardware snapshot management, commonly known as Commvault IntelliSnap technology.

Commvault HyperScale Technology

Commvault HyperScale Technology delivers the powerful simplicity of the Commvault software portfolio with a highly available, resilient, and flexible scale-out integrated system. As a scale-out infrastructure, it delivers a single platform for sharing compute and storage resources and is supported through a unified management interface to reduce the total cost of ownership.  Commvault HyperScale Technology is available as an integrated appliance (Commvault HyperScale Appliance) or as a reference design (Commvault HyperScale Software) using the customer’s preferred storage hardware vendor. Commvault HyperScale Technology can seamlessly expand to meet customers demanding performance and capacity requirements to protect, access and use all their data, anywhere and anytime.

Commvault Orchestrate

Customers who wish to automate and orchestrate copy provisioning of multi-server applications can use the intuitive consoles provided in the Commvault Orchestrate line of products. Additionally, users who wish to gain access to Commvault-developed integration points with third-party management platforms can license or subscribe to those features as needed. The Orchestration Development Kits and APIs are also available for users wishing to customize their own orchestration and integration actions.

Commvault Activate

Commvault Activate products provide the tools needed to gain better insight into the data you have. Whether it is simple case management and compliance requirements, or a more encompassing regulatory requirement, Commvault Activate tools can give you the insight you require into the data you have.

Licensing Program

Commvault offers end-user customers two primary methods of licensing: subscription or perpetual. 

Subscription Licensing

Subscription models are offered in 1 through 3-year commitment increments.  Commvault approaches subscriptions by providing backup and archive rights for a fixed period, with easy renewal options to extend the functionality in multi-year agreements. While payment terms may vary based on region and other factors, all Commvault subscriptions contain an end date at which time the software rights will expire. This subscription includes all software rights as licensed, along with software support/maintenance.  When a Commvault license key expires, all access to the protected data remains in place for recovery purposes. However, any new backup, archive, or replication jobs will not start until a renewed key is put into place. When a subscription expires, customers have the option to renew (based on current license models and terms) as a new subscription or purchase perpetually at that point. Commvault Support on each expired subscription CommCell® will be billable on a per-incident basis, and no further upgrade/service pack rights will be conveyed after the subscription expiration.

Perpetual licensing

Commvault perpetual licensing options consist of a license purchase and maintenance associated with that perpetual purchase. If a customer chooses not to renew maintenance, use rights for the software will persist based on the current version of the software that is available at the time of expiration. However, no new updates will be available, and customer support costs would be incurred on a per-incident basis.

Utility Licensing

Commvault additionally offers utility-based software licensing under the Service Provider license program. End-User license programs are not eligible for utility-based pricing. Concepts and terms within this document do not directly apply to the Service Provider program. Please review the Service Provider license program for more details on these offerings.

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