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Fortinet's FortiGuard License Subscription Bundles.

Updated: Jul 16

Fortinet develops, modernizes, and maintains one of the most familiar and seasoned artificial intelligence and machine learning systems in the security industry. FortiGuard Security is the new initiative added to the business continuity of Fortinet to protect customers from ever changing and sophisticated threats.

Customers can simply access the desired subscription of FortiGuard security services to avail the benefits of intelligence, expertise and protection delivered by FortiGuard Labs. Fortinet Security Service offer individual and Bundled subscriptions to the customers by improving execution and strengthening the Fortinet texture.

Individual and bundle subscription model covers all aspects of cyber-attacks including intrusion prevention FortiGuard web filtering, antivirus, anti-spam, database security, virus outbreak prevention service, content disarm & reconstruction, security rating services, networking security and web application control abilities.

FortiGuard Subscription Bundles:

1. Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Bundle:

Advanced Threat Protection Bundle provides the foundational antivirus, intrusion prevention, and application control security technologies needed to protect and defend against known and unknown cyber threats. Advanced threat protection bundle includes Advanced Malware Protection, IPS and Forti Care + Application Control services.

2. Unified Protection Bundle (UTM) Bundle:

Unified Threat Protection Bundle (UTP) extends threat protection across the entire digital attack surface, providing industry-leading defense against sophisticated attacks. Unified Protection bundle includes Advanced Malware Protection, IPS, Forti Care + Application Control service, Anti-Spam and Web Filtering services.

3. Enterprise Protection Bundle (ENT):

Enterprise Protection Bundle consolidates the broad protection needed to protect and defend against all cyber-attack channels from the endpoint to the cloud. Enterprise Protection Bundle includes Advanced Malware Protection, IPS, Forti Care + Application Control service, Anti-Spam, Web Filtering, CASB, Security Rating and Industrial Security Services.

4. 360 Protection Bundle:

The 360 Protection Bundle provides the most comprehensive level of security and operational services available to help organizations of all sizes manage complexity in their networks while delivering full protection across the entire attack surface. 360 protection bundle include all the services offered in ENT bundle along with FortiConverter Service, SD-WAN One Click VPN Overlay, SD-WAN Cloud Assist Monitoring, FortiAnalyzer Cloud and FortiManager Cloud.

Deployment Use Cases:

FortiGuard security subscriptions works optimally with the Fortinet Security Fabric to protect all deployment use case needs.

· Next-generation Firewall (NGFW)

· Secure SD-WAN

· Intrusion Prevention (IPS)

· Intent-based Segmentation

· Secure Web Gateway (SWG)

· Management & Analytics

· Advanced Threats

· Email

· Public Cloud

· Private Cloud

· Web Application Firewall

· Application Delivery Controller

· Endpoint Protection


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